It is said, “Two heads are better than One”.  At BRANDING BOOTH INC., we team up with our clients to share ideas and get the best results.  Some clients already know what they want; and some like to know what’s new and exciting that could drive their event and have a strong brand impact.

Organizations are strapped for time when planning events (trade shows, conferences, business meetings, outdoor events) and so BRANDING BOOTH INC. saves time and offers unique ideas and products that support your marketing goals.  With 30+ years of corporate experience, we assist you in making your brand live on in the minds of your audience.

BRANDING BOOTH INC. is a registered member of ASI (Advertising Specialties Institute) and work with the best suppliers across North America, offering quality embroidery, screen printing, laser engraving or debossing on the products they supply.


Associations work hard to inspire their members through training, conferences and social events.  Building a CULTURE and strengthening the BRAND go Hand-In-Hand.Planning the conference can involve various tasks that are time consuming.

BRANDING BOOTH INC. can simplify that task by RESOURCING the right product for all events.

Corporations – From Board meetings to Employee Training and Development, it is noted that products with Corporate Logo have a strong bonding and pride in the organization.  From Pens to Padfolios, Business Bags to Outdoor Apparel, employee retention is higher in organizations that promote Corporate Identity and Public Recognition.

Do your potential clients remember you after you have left the meeting room?

Do you thank your good clients for their business and build a strong long term relationship?

BRANDING BOOTH INC. offers an array of products that can be gifted to your clients in order to keep your company in mind long after your meeting has ended.

Universities, Colleges & Schools – Membership at any university, college or school foster belonging and team culture. Students are proud to belong to a particular educational institute and they show their pride through apparel, products with logo. International students even take logo gifts home to their families.

BRANDING BOOTH INC. offers low cost high quality products (bags, mugs, bottles, books, Tshirts, Fleece wear, lanyards, etc.) to make school time exciting.

We invite you to make BRANDING BOOTH INC. your shop for promotional products and take YOUR BRAND FROM GOOD TO GREAT.

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